What to do with furniture when moving

In fact, many clients of moving services find themselves at a crossroad with this question and seem to be concerned about whether it is better to sell furniture or move it. That’s a completely normal one because even if your bedroom or dining room isn’t furnished with luxury brands items or rarities of a particular kind you still cherish it for coziness and a feeling of comfort. However, when it comes to moving day the less is better: by having a modest amount of household or office furniture you’ll greatly alleviate the financial burden caused by relocation.

Is it better to sell furniture or move it

Thus we recommend you to sell or give away some of your furniture before moving to a new place. But always remember – before putting something on sale, discuss it with the rest of your family members and come up with a weighed-down consideration. Don’t let your own or someone else’s heedlessness cause the inconvenience of further accommodation.

Where to sell furniture when moving

Should i sell or move my furniture

To clinch a sale on auspicious conditions you should try out the leading marketplaces and classifieds websites. Just google them via the internet or install the official apps if you still haven’t done so. Then you should take a look at the average prices claimed for similar types of second hand-furniture with similar condition and put a reasonable price on it.

Tips for selling used furniture:

1) Price your belongings fairly. It would be pointless to try to sell the couch or sleeping bed that has been in use for years for the original price. But mind that revealing the brand or the name of a furniture collection, describing the circumstances in which it was bought and used can help you bargain for a higher price.

How much to charge for used furniture

2) Provide illustrative photos. A good shot of the product will definitely strike the eye of the potential buyers and motivate them to contact you. Make sure that the main photo has the item fully caught into a frame, provide different angles and several closeups, and don’t be afraid to portray minor tears or scratches.

How to take pictures of furniture to sell

3) Come across clearly in your message and by phone. The buyers would likely ignore your sale post if you’ve typewritten it with numerous mistakes and all-caps. Be confident by having a phone conversation: inform people on the dimensions, materials, and features of the furniture. Also determine the acceptable conditions of passing the possession next to the purchaser (delivery or self-delivery) and how much you’re ready to concede the price.

Best way to sell furniture when moving

According to the first-hand experience of people, who had successfully downsized their belongings to move cheaper, simply the best way to sell furniture would be to use one of the many marketplaces available.  Here are the top-5 marketplace apps we would like to recommend you to check to sell the pre-owned furniture before moving out. Those are frequently used and trusted by many of our customers to deal second hand-furniture safe and fast:

Best way to sell furniture before moving

Aptdeco – specialized classifieds site for selling and buying home decor, furniture, outdoor and garden products. If you’re the lucky owner of some classy piece of furniture, originally designed or handcrafted, you’ll have a pretty big chance to arrange a great deal. There’s a fixed rate established by Aptdeco owners for each accomplished sale of 23%.

Bookoo – kind of a source with enhanced social communication between buyers and sellers. Thus, it’s a brilliant place to bargain as glibly as at the offline garage sale. The other great thing about Bookoo is that you can go straight forward for proposals from your local community and post sale offers without limitation.

EBTH – not only the site for consumer-to-consumer trade like eBay but also the full-fledged estate sale agency. You may additionally apply for EBTH agents to come to your place to inspect, catalog, and evaluate household belongings including furniture. The assessors are upskilled in identifying the authenticity of items and can even help with old-fashioned ones to find out whether they are antique or not.

Etsy – among the whimsical handmade and crafted accessories there are a lot more things that Etsy can offer, including the pre-owned furniture. The snag is that it should be something original and suitable for the interior of the trendy or vintage style that you’re selling. Etsy imposes $0.2 for each item listed by you and when the sale is confirmed you’ll be charged a 5% transaction fee plus  3% and 25 cents for payment processing.

OfferUp – the popular web resource with sale offers. The goods search can be adjusted arbitrarily by plenty of checkboxes. It would be quite easy to categorize your items pt on sale according to their condition: straight out of the box or shop, mildly used, for parts only, etc. The product listing is free on this site and all the fees related to deal conduction will be revealed in your account.

Is it better to sell furniture or move it?

Firstly, you have to specify the purpose of the already available furniture at your new place. If you’ve planned to relocate your business office and aim for a rebranding of some kind, you’ll probably wish to refresh the furnishings in the reception, work zones, and meeting rooms. Thus, you might not need used desks and chairs anymore.

As for the residential move, you should be practical and frugal considering which items you can sell with no remorse and which are better to stay kept. Here are general pieces of advice for you to follow:

  • Find out if the old furniture correlates with your new interior design project. Probably you already have one with a completely different style and there’s no way the old furniture would fit in.
  • Move to the fully-furnished apartment or a house without the pre-owned items. In case you wish to keep some of the old possessions, a storage service might come in handy. Otherwise – dispose or sell items. Just don’t forget to pack up the mattresses and beddings to make yourself a cozy sleep, just like you’re used to.
  • Make sure that the doorways, halls, and staircases are big enough.  You must directly measure them to know for sure that some bulky and non-demountable stuff can be pulled in through. Handling with flat-pack furniture shouldn’t concern you – the movers may smoothly disassemble and assemble it to bring in and out without hurdles.
What to do with old furniture when moving

Don’t rush to get rid of the fissured or minorly damaged furniture. Especially the costly and elaborately made one. There are educational guides for furniture restoration and plenty of superb specialists that can help you out with it. The renewed furniture may serve you for years, not to mention the prospect of selling it at a greater price.

Furniture relocation in Florida and Miami-Dade county

What to do with unwanted furniture when moving

Whenever you urge to relocate the furniture The Miami Movers workers are able to come for help. With 18-years experience in commercial and residential moving, we can provide you with prompt and in-depth estimation and advise you on what to do with old furniture while moving.

We offer:

  • Supreme packing and loading assistance for transportation of furniture;
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  • The careful and skillful furniture disassembly/reassembly right in place;
  • Responsible disposal of thrashed furniture.

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