Things to consider when moving to a new residence

The successful outcome of residential move depends on several essential decisions that are worth thorough consideration. Therefore, you have to take time to contemplate the questions that imminently will come along. Those are worth considering in order not to distract or worry you and lessen the anxiety and stress while moving to a new home.

Things to consider when moving

What’s more, clearing out these questions will let you in on some valuable insights on how trustworthy moving companies work, so it will help to recognize scammers if you ever happen to encounter them. So here are things to consider when moving you shouldn’t ignore.

How much does it cost to hire movers?

Workers of moving service companies are usually hired for an hourly rate basis with 2-hour base cost. At The Miami Movers we charge $75 per 1 man-hour, so if you, for instance, hire a two-person team that should work for 3 hour, their service will cost you $450.

How much is it to hire movers

Depending on size of household and distance to cover, moving total is calculated on a flat rate basis. Since we have flat rates for moving pianos, home appliances and other types of specialized load that require a distinct approach, you will be charged a fixed price for transporting them within 100 miles and $4 per every mile.

Yoг should also consider such frequent additional expense as stair fee. Be ready to pay $40 – $50 for each flight of stairs if the elevator at your new place is out-of-order or you move to a 2-3 storey house.

Should moving services be paid off upfront or after delivery?

Each moving company has its own rules about billing. At The Miami Movers we put in the invoice for customers shortly after arranging the moving contract details. You’ll have to pay it off no later than 2 days before the assigned moving date. However, some other moving contractors might charge only upon delivery. 

How much to tip movers for their work?

How much to tip movers

On top of their salary you can donate moving team members tips to show appreciation for their job. It would be fair to reward workers with 10-20% of your moving expense. When it comes to repaying after a carried-out long-distance move, we advise hand out 5-8% tips for either pickup team and delivery team.

Should I oversee the movers while their work

Sure, it would be necessary for your or some representative of yours to be present to guide them while packing and carrying away your possessions. They might need your guidance or instructions on where to park a freight truck to provide better access for quick loading up and so on. So it’s essential for you to stay with movers throughout their pick up and delivery operations.

Do movers take on getting a parking permit?

Where to get a moving permit and why you need it

Although many moving service vendors are authorized and licensed for shipping, they don’t necessarily have permits to park in the exact spot where the pickup or drop off is planned. Therefore, it is necessary to get a parking permit from the local city council. Typically, if it has to be a local move a moving company representative can apply for a parking permit and include it into a moving quote. However, when it comes to long-distance moves, the responsibility of receiving a permit is laid with the customer.

For the most part, one-day moving permits will cost you from $20 to $80, but if the moving truck has to be parked at the metered space, you will likely pay extra. Don’t forget to follow the good rule of thumb and book the spot at least 48 days before the moving day.

What items will movers not move?

What movers will not transport

Any items prohibited to transport by FMCSA regulations should be excluded in advance so your move will run safely and orderly. So please note that under no circumstances movers would carry:

  • Firearm and ammunition
  • Household chemicals, paints, and solvents
  • Explosives (fireworks, propane cylinders, vessels with compressed gasses, petroleum products)
  • Living plants and  animals
  • Drugs and illegal substances
  • Personal documents and valuables.

How to get rid of personal belongings I deem unnecessary to move?

What to do with unwanted stuff when moving

There is no better time than moving to as powerfully drive you up to decluttering your crawlspace, pantry, and cellar. We recommend you conduct an inventory of each room, starting from the one most packed with items, for instance, your living room. Examine the most rarely used items and check if they are still usable. You are free to donate most of the gently-worn clothes, fully functional home electronics and furniture to local charity foundations. If you believe that some of your furnishing items can be sold at a good price, offer them through Facebook or online marketplaces. You can learn more about where to sell the pre-owned furniture from our previous post.

How much time pre-move preparations and packing will take?

To have enough time in advance, we recommend you to set about moving preparations at least four weeks before the planned date. However, when you’re up to carrying out a long-distance move of a large house, it would be better to start dealing with packing up at least six before the expected pickup.

Our company can supply you with ready-to-use packing consumables sets at consistently affordable prices. If you really can’t give over your precious time to packing, you can entrust our dexterous moving guys to handle it.

Should I hire the movers or manage the move myself?

Should i hire movers or move myself

The baseline for a successful DIY move significantly differs from one case to another. So you should be reasonably certain about whether it’s going to be cheaper and alongside time-efficient than applying for professional service. DIY moving is largely hit-or-miss undertaking because it often depends on how good you are at driving, dealing with packing and loading. Moreover, the people you expect to help you out in this situation can unexpectedly fail you and cause additional inconvenience.

For that reason your ambition should be in consonance with your capabilities. Don’t take unnecessary risk when there is a reliable and licensed moving company to take care of your personal property any time it is convenient for you. The Miami Movers’ managers are ready to provide you with ongoing support and consulting during the move planning and proceeding. Contact them so you won’t have to be overwhelmed with concerns related to moving to a new place.