Reasons to move to South Florida

It can be firmly posed now that Florida occupies the top line of the most preferred destinations for the U.S. citizen to move in. An overall number of domestic migrants reached 220,890 people between July 1, 2020, and July 1, 2021. If come to think of it, there is nothing surprising about that.

Both residential and commercial construction is on the rise nowadays, which means that developers need to take on an experienced builders, engineers and managers. Consequently, the sustainable growth of business and housing property results in the expansion of the real estate market services. Thus, there is also a substantial need in new employment of realtors.

In general, the situation with employment prospects tends to remain auspicious for the post-graduates and young professionals that want to settle in Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville. But apart from the broadening horizons in your work life and achieving the dream career, Florida relocation has much more to offer you in addition. So we suggest you to consider the benefits of change in scenery and lifestyle that be of benefit to you once you try living here.

Year-long tropical sunshine

Why moving to South Florida

The Sunshine State is the title that lives up to Florida like nothing better. South Florida can boast 250 sunshine days on average and approximately 90-95 °F temperature during the summer. But don’t be apprehended: the scorching heat is usually alleviated with ocean breeze as soon as the Sun sets. For those of you who can’t stand the daylong fierce heat would be better to opt for some localities in the Gulf Area. The climate in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Fort Myers is much more mild and refreshing comparing to the Atlantic coast. The temperature here fluctuates between 72-80 °F.

It shouldn’t be a problem for our crew as experienced South Florida movers to handle your relocation in the summertime. However, regarding the extremely hot weather, you should be cautious and avoid overstraining from trying to pull off the moving task DIY. If you have any medical restraints for intense and durable physical labor, you must certainly leave it to professionals.

Recreation at the shore side

The vast and charge-free public beaches are the hallmark of South Floridian are the reason why thousands of visitors flock to the coastline. Whether you prefer basking in the sunlight or spending time more actively the local resort can give you all of it. For instance, scuba diving at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary can reveal the astonishing beauty of coral reefs and shipwreck sites to satisfy your thirst for exploring.

South Florida resorts and recreation

In case you are looking for a wellness retreat to obtain serenity and improve physical health there are several places with inclusive mind & body recreational programs. We recommend you to check Natural Mineral Springs Resort & Spa in Safety Harbor, Tampa. Local mineral springs have been known since the 1930s for their healing benefits for skin rejuvenation, stomach, liver, and kidney care. The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach and Warm Mineral Springs in North Port are also worth mentioning among the natural spa resorts.

Abundant and diverse nature all round

It is unique features of Florida climate that allow local wildlife to flourish and impress with its natural beauty. So even a 20-30 min ride out of town may get you closer to the vibrant wilderness. Several national parks in South Florida are popular among kids and adults.

  • Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park overview

It is one of the greatest sightings in Fort Lauderdale with 1,5 million acres with diverse ecosystems including tropical hammock clusters, coastal lowlands, and mangroves. It is a home for rare and indigenous Floridian species like American crocodiles, gators, panthers, and freshwater birds like the great blue heron. The best way to experience the fauna or this area is to get on the airboat tour.

  • Dry Tortugas National Park
Dry Tortugas National Park overview

From a side of the Mexican Gulf group of 7 small islands form the magnificent Dry Tortugas National Park. It’s located 70 miles west of Key West and isn’t that easy to reach. However, there is a ferry running from Key West that can get you there in about 2 hours. The ferry ticket includes a park entrance, breakfast and lunch, a set of snorkeling equipment, and a Fort Jefferson tour. If you won’t have enough of 1 holiday at Dry Tortugas it is possible to stay at night at the camping sites.

  • Biscayne National Park
Biscayne National Park

Another breathtaking spot dominated by the water spaces is Biscayne National Park. It spans 270 square miles of aquatic nearby Elliott Key island. Visiting this park can introduce you to the colorful and picturesque coral reefs and shipwrecks. Rest time can also be given over to fishing, boat rides, camping, and relaxing on the bleached white sand.

Urban lifestyle and culture

Best family resort in Florida at Orlando Universal Theme Park

The huge metropolises like Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville are always teeming with public events and entertainments that might grab your attention and refresh off hours. The Universal Orlando Resort and Seaworld are rather great to take out the family along. In contrast to big cities’ cosmopolitanism, the smaller ones have a lot more authentic vibe of historical background and represent true colors of Latin-American culture, especially Cuban which is widely represented in South Florida.

Ybor City historic building - El Centro Español de Tampa

For instance, Fort Lauderdale is acknowledged for post-colonial sites like The Sailboat Bend, The Himmarshee, and The Stranahan House. To delve into the genuine Cuban atmosphere you should catch on The Ybor City Historic District in Tampa. This century-old district is the only neighborhood on Florida’s west coast that is preserved as a National Historic Landmark. As you can see, exploring the sightings and discovering the new places will definitely keep you in good spirit and lively mindset.

Tax policy

Property and income taxes in Florida

One of the greatest advantages of doing business in Florida is its tax friendly policy. There are no withholding taxes for:

  • personal income including pension, income from IRA and 401K;
  • possessing a property (if persons is 65 years or older);
  • investments;
  • LLC, sole entrepreneurship and S corporation income.

However, the Floridians are still obliged to pay off federal income taxes. Also the state does require from citizen to pay property tax, but local authorities do, though there are exemptions for seniors, veterans, and permanently disabled. Overall, with corporation tax rates 5,5% and sales income tax 6% Florida offers quite rewarding conditions for setting out business or relocating enterprise that is already running.

What appears disadvantageous about South Florida

To be firm public transport infrastructure has never been the bright sight of Florida. Except for Miami Metrorail which helps to reach the university campus in Coral Gables and the international airport there are no other cities with a similar public transportation system. Although, the road junction in the vast majority of cities is quite well-laid-out and alleviates commuting and intercity rides perfectly.

Another drawback worth mentioning is that the Atlantic coast of Florida is hurricane-prone. But usually, southwest regions of the state are much less exposed to a severe strike of storms. Besides, the standard homeowner insurance policy will cover the damage caused by the windstorm. The average cost for this insurance is $1,410 per year as of 2021.

Be inspired to move to South Florida at any time

If you wish to hire home movers in South Florida to relocate safely and without any hurdles, The Miami Movers company will willingly assist you. Our advanced planning and effective logistics will allow you to relocate your home belongings including needful appliances and furniture set in a due time. We invite you to request a moving quote online to get an instant estimation for the upcoming relocation. Also, feel free to reach our managers and inquire them about details.