Key moments to consider about Miami Movers

Every day, millions of people around the world move to new homes, cities, offices, states, and even to different countries. The reasons for that may vary. Some are looking for new opportunities, while others seek a calm and measured life. But all these people have one thing in common – they urge a reliable moving company to deliver household or commercial belongings to Miami efficiently and safely.

As the number of relocation services has grown significantly, nowadays it’s quite uneasy to find a company with upskilled and quick-handed movers on board. In order to distinguish savvy Miami movers from incompetent ones, you need to put in a lot of effort. Therefore, we created this article to deliver you from a waste of time and inconvenience. It will help you learn about:

  • top shipping and moving services in Miami;
  • how to choose a moving company;
  • what are The Miami Movers and why they are considered to be one of the best mover companies.

Let’s get started!

How to choose the best Miami movers

How to distinguish conscientious Miami movers from untrustworthy ones

Hiring specialists is one of the most crucial and difficult steps in preparing for a move. After all, the integrity of your things will depend on your choice. Unfortunately, due to the demand for movers in the area, the number of unscrupulous companies has doubled or even tripled lately. But we have found loopholes to allow you to make the right choice and delete undignified Miami movers from your list. In order not to be mistaken, you need to follow simple but important rules:

1. Inspect the company website

If the organization you’ve decided to deal with has a poorly organized website that doesn’t have sufficient information on services, it could be a reason to have second thoughts about its candidacy. Look for replacements for its selection, just in case.

2. Lack of reviews               

Again, you need to refer to the site. If the moving guys have an uninspiring rating with plenty of negative reviews or none at all, this company is most likely not worth dealing with. According to the experience, those “professional movers from Miami” will be absolutely incompetent.

3. Consistent and long-term experience

An enterprise registered 3 months ago will certainly raise doubts: one-day companies, unfortunately, are not that uncommon. If relocation service has some truly unique offer as a discount for dorm relocation or all-inclusive moving services for seniors, ask for them to go into detail on it and see if there are some recommendations.

Prepare for the interview, formulate questions. Pay attention to verbal and non-verbal cues that can help you figure out whether the person is lying or not. Talk not only with managers but also with ordinary loaders and packers of this institution.

4. Do not look for one “gold” moving guys

Make a list of potential Miami movers for cooperation, call them and ask for detailed information on prices and moving contract conditions. Then run through your notes and pick up the service with the most preferable features considering your aim.

These are not all the rules, but some of the most important ones, thanks to which you can choose the proper moving team.

Golden rules for moving company selection

TOP 10 Miami moving companies

Finding a perfect relocation service is challenging, though possible. Especially for you, we have carefully analyzed the movers market and have compiled the top 10 companies that will help when you’re set to move. By cooperating with them, you will forget about stress and anxiety. Here are our top firms:

1. The Miami Movers. One of the best companies in the city, which provides moving services and has managed to establish itself from the best side. It has more than eighteen years of experience and more than 1000 satisfied customers. This enterprise is approved by the considerable number of the clients that came through the relocation.

2. American National Moving. This establishment has been active in the service market for more than ten years. Their portfolio claims quality work done.

3. Ciao Moving & Storage – one of the domestic enterprises of the region. Its advertisements guarantee high-quality workmanship and fixed prices. With ten years of experience, their team will happily assist your relocation and provide storage space.

4. Pro Movers. The Miami branch of this agency provides local and long-distance delivery for extensive moves.

5. Perfect Moving are claimed to be well-experienced team. They may deliver quite a pleasant and satisfying moving experience. The hiring team from this company is your one-stop solution for residential, commercial, and special moving applications.

6. Fuentes Moving. This enterprise in Miami-bonded. Its personnel strives to treat each client with professionalism and courtesy. Many reviewers have noticed precise on-time appointments, respect for clients’ valuables during the loading, and on-time delivery as the pros of this establishment.

7. You Move Me – the well-acknowledged player of moving market in the area. You may apply them for anything required: neat packing of your belongings, hauling massive wardrobes and cabinets into trucks, unloading, and hauling furniture and appliances in. These guys do it all.

8. City Movers – the professional crew of handymen, loaders, and drivers with more than five years of experience in the industry. This organization stands out for they provide both moving of items and people.

9. Ease Moving. The establishment promises an easy and hassle-free move with the assistance of professional Miami movers. The great thing about this organization is that they offer a wide range of services and the possibility to choose the route arbitrarily. The staff of this team can easily cope with any task.

10. Skyroad Moving is a team that manages to safely and conveniently transport your furniture and home belongings in the most measured and stress-free way. The company strives to provide professional services to its clients, ranging from sales representatives to ordinary movers.

This list represents first-class companies dealing with Miami relocation tasks that will allow you to get packed and moved promptly, efficiently, and at the most favorable price. In order to help you compare these firms by parameters, we have created a special table, here it is:

Miami movers comparative table

Name Experience, years long Services Google reviews ratings Courses for movers Reviews / Positive
The Miami Movers More than18 All sorts of relocations+ military moving in Miami 5 Briefing + courses More than 900 positive reviews
American National Moving 10 Piano relocation unavailable 5 Unknown Unknown
Ciao Moving & Storage 10 No military relocation provided 4 Only Briefing About 100 positive reviews
Pro Movers Miami 5 There is a possibility of emergency moving 5 Briefing + courses 500 positive reviews
Perfect Moving Miami 12 Various moving services except for military transfers 5 Only courses More than 300 positive reviews
Fuentes Moving 16 Business and residential relocation + storage 3 Unknown More than 200 positive reviews
You Move Me 10 No possibility of military relocation in Miami 4 Only briefing Over 400 positive reviews
City Movers 8 Government moving and else 4 Briefing + courses More than 500 positive reviews
Ease Moving 5 Personalized move coordination 5 Briefing + courses More than 600 positive reviews
Skyroad Moving 10 Personal storage and packing services 3 Briefing + courses Unknown

With this table, you can quickly select the Miami movers that fit your needs.

Things to consider when moving

How do companies manage with delivery?

The vast majority of services guarantee the convenience and quality of the work performed while carrying out cargo transportation. However, not everyone succeeds in adhering to this. In the unfortunate scenario of hiring unconscionable movers might end up customers being left with battered furniture and beautiful company slogans. Therefore, it would be helpful to understand how the delivery runs in some of the effective and reputable firms.

We invite you to look at The Miami Movers’ strategy considering freight carrying. Aiming for better outcome and performance MM team endeavors to develop an individual approach. We do not use standard schemes. For example, a reasonable solution might be:

1) The use of several small cars instead of one heavy one. This type of transportation is perfect for hard-to-reach places. Quite often is impossible to get somewhere with over-dimensional trucks, especially in densely built-up districts. In contrast, it will be more profitable to use several small vehicles and opt for the more direct route.

2) Development of several routes. The straight road is not always the fastest and most profitable. Especially, when it comes to ground shipping to Miami. Our specialists update information on traffic and roadworks regularly to avoid delays in cargo arrival.

Services provided

How are сonvenient moving services achieved?

Some companies have their own unique features they provide on top of the standard ones. Movers must have such services described at their site or inform the client about them while meeting personally. If you are still questioning what standard and extra transportation services in Miami are, you’ve probably haven’t applied to such companies before. Let’s clear this out.

The standard proposal from relocation organization would usually include packing, carrying out, loading, and unloading most sizeable and essential residential and commercial possessions. Those can be wrapping and boxing of moderate-sized home electronics and kitchen appliances, transportation of furniture, hand trucking of a piano, etc.

Non-standard labor would include something that the establishment has developed itself. For instance, The Miami Movers have their own option for the relocation of military personnel. Knowing that militaries often have to change their residence, MM has created this service to make it easier for active duty and retired army men to relocate.

Pricing for residential and commercial moving in Miami

How is moving company delivery cost calculated?

Relocation wouldn’t cost you much, only if mover bases upon well-laid-off logistics and has up-to-date technical equipment and a fleet of freight trucks. The wide network of the truck depot and maintenance garages also facilitate cutting in the moving expenses. The cost of moving to Miami primarily depends on the following:

  • the type of transported cargo;
  • the distance of destination;
  • the type of vehicle used;
  • the complexity of loading and unloading;
  • the need for additional equipment;
  • related services of logistics.

The Miami Movers are engaged in both interstate and local ground shipping, so they have consistently enhanced our practical approach and course of action related to these operations. Thus, they suggest you an affordable and truly rewarding way of solving moving issue. The offered advantages are:

  • fast processing of applications;
  • tailored scope of services regarding your needs;
  • safety precautions while wrapping, packing, and fastening transported goods inside the vehicle;
  • prompt loading and unloading, including the necessary technical means needed for this purpose;
  • preparation of the necessary paperwork.


Key points for selection of movers in Miami area

Let’s highlight the main things to consider before addressing movers service:

1. Choose companies with informative self-presentation and positive feedback. Adhere to the simple rules described in this article.

2. There are both standard and non-standard services of the transportation of things in Miami. The information on types of labor must be provided on the website of a company.

3. Many factors might influence the moving price formation. Discuss them with the relocation estimator in advance.

4. Choose organization with insurance, license, and a good range of services.