How to get to know your neighbors after move-in

Settling in at your new place would run rather more pleasant and fascinating if you’ll get successfully socialized and involved in the local pace of life. And for that reason getting to know the occupants next door or across the street could be quite beneficial for you in achieving a sense of belonging and joy of companionship. 

Tips for getting to know your neighbor

Why getting along with neighbors is helpful

Firstly, the unassuming and relaxed chat-chat with your neighbors is a really great way for you to switch the attention from anything that bothers you and give yourself a break from setting up the household (which could be quite unnerving once in a while).

Сatch the present moment and share it with people around you. There’s so much going on here and now that you can absorb and use to alleviate the accommodation. Try to derive the very best from the neighbor-to-neighbor relationship and it would bring you a great deal of good.

Achieving credibility in others’ eyes 

Each of us wishes to be recognized as a well-thought-off and trusted person. So making friends or simply sympathizing with each other on the block shall make you the person everyone one would like to be in touch and deal with.

Real-deal advice for free

A friendly speak can also give you the chance to express recurrent concerns and receive heed-worthy advice or a bit of compassion. Indeed, why grind yourself by questioning whether your kids will do well at the new school, will your new employment be a success or not? Speak out what makes you doubt and listen to the opinion of locals. Just don’t become clingy and over-complaining, don’t jump in straight into a discussion of your issues the same day you’ve met your new friends.

Sharing the leisure time and hobbies

Who but a neighbor would be the best regular partner for your spare time activities? The new acquaintances can help you find a new hobby to relax and self-realize. And conversely – you may motivate the local people to follow you up on initiatives for common entertainment or useful activities. Those could be:

  • community maintenance like delittering the parks;
  • launching or joining charity programs;
  • local nonprofit volunteering (helping elderly, sheltering homeless pets);
  • joining the local historical society and aiding the local churches.

How to introduce yourself to neighbors and start to get on with them

Great them sincerely

Don’t avoid welcoming the neighbor with a sheer smile and waving a hand. That’s a good start because you clearly convey that you’re glad to see them and care about their presence. These mundane gestures would easily engage you in communication and you might inquire the person what they’re up to and what are their interests. The topic of conversation might come up from wherever. The familiar music band logo and football team may catch your eye, and there you go: you’re already exchanging the impressions from the recent shows and final games.

Treat them with goodies

Feel free to drop in and offer some tasty brownies, homemade bakery, or dessert to indulge your new friends. We advise you not to catch any drinks with you unless you’ve been invited to have supper together or to join some kind of party. Just say hello and suggest to your neighbors the treats you’ve brought. In case you’re not in a hurry and have been asked to keep company for a couple of coffee, seize this opportunity and stay for a while to have a chat.

Take notice of a few tips to avoid awkwardness and misunderstanding:

  • Don’t pay a visit at the dinner time or early on Sundays not to disturb the owners. It would be better to knock on a door on a weekend afternoon.
  • Before knocking ensure that the neighbors haven’t driven away: check if their car is still in the driveway. But don’t peer into the front windows – that’s totally inappropriate.
  • Lay the treats into a plastic box, so you may leave it for good. Even if your new mate will insist on giving it back right away, say you don’t mind if they keep it. That would be a perfect reason to meet again a bit later.

Ask for advice or assistance

Since you’re a newcomer it would be completely normal to ask for advice on something that might improve your living condition, for instance, where to store the non-essentials. Conversely, it could be their pleasure to advise you of the good house maintenance services, the best vet or a fitness center nearby, decent pizza delivery, and so on.

As well as asking for advice you may also inquire for help. Just in case you really need to borrow the stepladder or need a hand with mounting some lightning, shuffling the furniture. Just don’t forget to be grateful and ready to provide mutual help.

Offer help

It’s quite natural and highly-appreciated to act considerately and be ready to give neighborly aid. Simply observe what’s cooking inside the community. Does somebody expect the firstborn and the pack of diapers wouldn’t be superfluous for the baby? Maybe there is another just-moved-in family that needs assistance with unpacking?

Nice things to do for your neighbor

Nobody forces you to hold your fingers on a pulse of every issue or hardship your neighbor. Just help the others with some small daily discomforts and wrinkles they have once you have an ability. These little deeds would do their work and provide you with a good reputation.

Stroll around the block

Quite an easy one to follow but useful at the same time. Take a pet along with you to catch some air and get to know the area and people. Dogs are natural-born icebreakers in any place, so the four-footed pal will bring you into the spotlight of every dog lover around.

Go out to introduce yourself to new neighbors

You may also go off to wander around your neighborhood to stretch your legs after work hours, or, if you prefer, go jogging. While passing by the locals on the sidewalk or spotting them at their houses just say “Hello” and introduce yourself if they reply.

Show up in public

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should walk away from the lawn in front of the house and join whatever public event is around. Just try to go out on the porch, play with kids in the front yard or take them to the nearest playground. By that, you’ll definitely come across the other parents and have an opportunity to make friends with them.

How to get your neighbors to like you

All in all, there are always tons of reasons for you to come out and interact with neighbors. The Halloween or 4th of July celebrations will be auspicious for hanging out with the others and showing your excitement and sheer-hearted delight. So take part in those: put out some bowls with candies to treat the passers-by on Hallows Eve, bring your spouse and kids all together on the parade for July 4th.

Accompany your children to the school bus stop

Ask neighbors about education for your kids

That wouldn’t be out of place in the first couple of days after moving in. By doing so both you and your kids will feel more confident and get accustomed to these new surroundings. And of course, at the bus stop, you might encounter parents and children that live nearby. This would be just the right situation to converse with them and learn whatever you are eager to know about the school life and community. It would be great to find out what after-school activities your kids might attend and are there other children to introduce them to such things.

Attend the community meetings

Being a noticeable and proactive member of the local community could be fruitful also in solving the overall issues to improve safety and living conditions. After all, there is nothing better than knowing that your skills and suggestions might be applied for the common good.

So we advise you to join neighborhood-related venues and get yourself involved:

  • help with arranging block parties;
  • see if you can contribute to repair and maintenance projects; 
  • join the homeowners’ association meetings to get acquainted with the specific rules established.

In the event that you’re rather timid, it could be quite distressing for you to attend the venues like this. But don’t get uptight and try to go there with some of your family members or latest acquaintances. Even if you will feel that these meetings are too much for you to take, you may slip away at any moment.

Invite neighbors to the housewarming party

Shortly after you fully accomplished setting up your new household and it got real cozy at yours,  why not go on to housewarming? Its hosting appears to become a brilliant undertaking to get to know your neighbors and greet them welcomingly. Catch up with the immediate neighbors to find out what their plans are and invite them to join your celebration.

nvite neighbors to the housewarming party

You may take your guests on the house tour and ask their opinion on how they like the decor and do-up you’ve made inside. Maybe they will have some useful points like where to put a fire pit in your backyard, who to call out for setting up a patio or landscape design. The fully accommodated and well-furnished patio would be a nice place for gathering up in the future, so you better take notice of this prospect.

What you shouldn’t do or be concerned about

To keep your neighbors simply delight you ever since you’ve met them, be polite and don’t slip up. Don’t go rough on your kids in the presence of people living next door, even if from the way you stand it seems they act naughty. Same with any type of misunderstanding and conflict with your partner – it all should stay behind closed doors. Believe it, the strangers would rather be willing to deal with a level-headed and cool newcomer, than an easily disgruntled one.

That’s all we wanted to share with you. Wish you good luck 1with getting to know your neighbors and hope you’ll derive the benefit out of the suggestions we gave. Remember that The Miami Movers are always there for you to arrange stress-free relocation in Florida.