How much does it cost to move a manufactured home?

How much is it to move a mobile home

For those of you who have a stark decision to move your trailer or mobile home to Florida there is good news. Florida has some of the largest and thriving mobile home communities among the other states. This low-cost property is exceptionally popular  for seasonal vacation or settling in after retirement. Many low-income households also deem living in a modular mobile home or a trailer as an efficient way to reduce tax burden. However, before you set to move and have a fresh start in the new community we recommend you to prudently contemplate mobile home transport cost. The Miami Movers’ experts would like to share with you helpful tips… Read More

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Moving from New York to Florida: what to know and where to start

Moving from NYC to Florida for a fresh start

While the pros of living in The Big Apple are undisputable for the tried-and-true New Yorker, you can easily undermine their (or probably your own) certainty about it. Disturbing statistics of COVID-19 contamination and mortality rate have paid their toll and instigated a staggering increase in domestic migration in 2021. It was Florida that sheltered most of the forcingly relocated people, and, on top of it, the Sunshine State was far ahead of New York when it came to vaccination. But let’s detach ourselves from pandemic affairs and see what Florida can offer to the newcomers who decided to make a change and set a new beginning. Nowadays Florida is:… Read More

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How to ship a motorcycle?

How to ship a motorcycle - an inclusive guide

In the event that you have to move your motorcycle out of state, the safety precautions on careful handling during transportation should be on top of everything else. With that in mind, we invite you to learn more about pitfalls and niceties related to the methods for relocation of bikes that might come in handy for you to go through it seamlessly. The main ideas of this article are focused on how you may properly exploit your most precious resources: time and money. Hereafter we’ll try to explain which type of shipping is preferablу according to: How fast do you need to ship a motorcycle? How to speed up shipping?… Read More

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